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Inspired by the tenacity and patience of the Orb Weaver. Knocked down, the Orb Weaver never fails to get back up and reconstruct their web. Despite the odds and in the harshest conditions, the Orb Weaver can adapt and overcome creating their webs even while blind or without gravity (as learned in the 1973 experiment when two garden orb weavers were sent to space!) This piece serves as a reminder and encouragement that your time and energy may be better spent preparing and creating systems like the Orb Weaver's web for when opportunities come to you, rather than chasing them down.


Originally painted in watercolor as an illustration for an oracle deck, this piece has been carefully translated into a luxurious giclee fine art print.

These fine art reproductions are printed on a thick matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture. All print sizes relate to the total size of the paper, the actual image size is smaller due to the white border added for ease of matting/framing. All 8x12in. prints are titled, signed, and embossed by the artist. 5x7in. prints are titled and signed on the back.

Orb Weaver | Giclee Print

PriceFrom $15.00
  • The Giclee printing process provides higher image detail than traditional printing and increases longevity. My Giclee prints are printed with seven dye-based inks, offering vibrant color reproduction and enhanced image clarity on archival quality fine art paper.

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