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I could say my creative story began as a small child. I held a paintbrush in my hand at the early age of 2. But I didn’t truly discover art for myself until I tried painting a gift for my partner in 2015 and surprised myself with the results.

Young Artist Trisha.jpg

Trisha at 2 years old painting a buoy on a playmat for toy boats with her dad.

Shortly after, I decided to dip my toes by taking my first beginning painting class in college at the age of 19. By the following quarter, I took to art full stride by declaring as a Studio Art major at Central Washington University.


I spent my time at CWU focused in oil painting and photography creating a body of figurative work titled, “FLESH”. I also dabbled in ceramics, jewelry metalsmithing, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, and dance. In March 2018 I had the pleasure of studying Art and Architecture abroad in Rome and Florence, Italy.

My oil painting, “Smashing the Binary” (48x48in.), was accepted into Central Washington University’s Undergraduate Student Juried Art Exhibition in April 2018 and was the recipient of the Dick Elliot Fine Art Award. My BFA Senior Thesis Solo Exhibition featured the full body of work in May 2018 before graduating in June 2018 with my BFA in Fine Arts. 


Trisha with her painting "Smashing the Binary" after being presented with the Dick Elliot Fine Art Award in 2018.

Post-graduation I spent two years working in a custom frame shop before the COVID-19 pandemic. While stores were closed it became quite evident how much I could achieve when investing all of my time in my art, and how much my day job was holding me back. 


Without any role models to look up to living the creative life I wanted for myself, I set to forge my own path rooted in self-discovery, universal truths, natural cycles, and personal growth. In August 2020, I quit my job to pursue art full-time and stream my studio time live on Twitch. Setting a schedule to go live 3x a week to create held me accountable and helped to build a creative discipline. Live streaming quickly became so much more than a way to "clock in" to the studio. I found a sense of purpose to inspire, educate, and encourage others. Paving the way for other creatives who like me, couldn't find a role model that fit 'just right.' Two short years later in September of 2022 I accepted a long-term sub position teaching high school art that further cemented my passion and purpose to inspire, educate, and encourage young artists.




Photo by Kierstin Smith Photos


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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