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Oh how inviting this mysterious ring of mushrooms is! The circle tempts you to step inside... Fairy Rings are a naturally occurring phenomenon where mushrooms grow in a circle or arc in forested areas. According to lore, fairies created these rings to tempt passersby. If a human were ever to enter their Fairy Ring, the consequences could range from inconvenient to severe. One version of the story goes that humans who entered would be punished by being forced to dance to the point they collapsed from exhaustion.


Originally painted in watercolor and ink, this piece has been translated into a giclee fine art print that closely matches the colors and texture of the original painting. Print is titled & signed by the artist. 8x8in. and larger prints are embossed for authenticity and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Fairy Ring - Giclee Print

PriceFrom $15.00
  • The Giclee printing process provides higher image detail than traditional printing and increases longevity. My Giclee prints are printed with seven dye-based inks, offering vibrant color reproduction and enhanced image clarity on archival quality fine art paper.

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