This deluxe 7 pack of vinyl stickers is made with a glossy finish featuring an assortment of painted moths including two larger stickers not included in the standard pack.


The moths in this sticker pack are:

  • Io Moth
  • Cabbage Tree Emperor Moth
  • Pacific Green Sphinx Moth
  • Hypsidia Erythropsalis
  • Atlas Moth
  • Emperor Silk Moth
  • Luna Moth

Moth - Glossy Deluxe Sticker Pack (7)

  • The stickers in this pack vary in size from the smallest (Atlas Moth) at 2.8" x 1.3" to the larger deluxe moth stickers: Luna Moth (2.8" x 3") & Emperor Silk Moth (3.9" x 1.7").

  • My vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and should last at least 2-4 years. They are printed on PVC-free material keeping them environmentally friendly!