A unique hand-painted pendant on a chain. These painted eye lockets are an eye-catching accessory or decoration.


The glass is prepared with clear gesso and painted with oils. The painting is protected with a pane of glass as the locket closes. It is advised to keep the locket closed to protect the painting and avoid wear on the handmade hinge.

The locket measures approximately 1 5/8in. long (not including bale) and 1 5/8in. wide.

Hand Painted Glass Locket

  • Hand painted eye miniatures became popular thanks to George IV who kept a personalized token of his forbidden love (a twice-widowed Catholic woman named Maria Fitzherbert) on a locket. Lover's eyes were exchanged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and many would have specialized eye miniatures painted of all their loved ones. Many of these mysterious historical painted eye lockets are on display in museums across Europe.